Which system is best for the situation?

There are four major decision making systems (techniques) to chose from. Selecting the right one makes a big difference in the end result.

Craig advises on strategic management and decision-making for owners. As compared to typical acronym-based mnemonics, the new framework uses easily recognizable symbols and a story-board to logically associates concepts and sequence. This helps long-term recall, since our minds easily associate information with symbols. A physical map representing the steps is an additional way to get people to role-play the decision while boosting creativity, enjoyment and effectiveness. Those concepts, or themes, then apply whether it is an individual, team or a cross-departmental organizational decision, spurring stakeholders to consider important questions for high value, high risk decisions.

Here are some criteria:

  • Priority / Alignment with strategy / mission

  • Timing / Urgency

  • Personalities / Politics

  • Dependencies on team members for execution

  • VUCA (vulnerability uncertainty complexity ambiguity) of the problem

  • Availability of stakeholders and / or potential decision team members