Better Deciding


Better Deciding is a boutique consulting firm based out of Bainbridge Island, Washington that works closely with local organizations in Kitsap and King County who:

  1. are focused on long-term value creation and survivability

  2. care about the development of their employees

  3. has mostly figured out their vision, mission, strategy and goals

  4. has an executive team that is eager to improve.

The founder, Craig Clermont, has studied Decision Theory and Systems since 2006, when the landmark HBR issue

Decision Making: Better | Faster | Smarter” was released.

Since then, Craig has incorporated additional decision making systems and styles, to be able to advise leaders on which system is appropriate given the circumstances. From this research, significant areas of improvement in current systems were discovered, mostly around incompleteness, adaptability and ease of use in the real world.

To fill that gap, Craig developed a framework that is fun to use, easy to recall, and expands for most decision types and complexity levels.

As compared to typical acronym-based mnemonics, the new framework uses easily recognizable symbols and a story-board to logically associates concepts and sequence. This helps long-term recall, since our minds easily associate information with symbols. A physical map representing the steps is an additional way to get people to role-play the decision while boosting creativity, enjoyment and effectiveness. Those concepts, or themes, then apply whether it is an individual, team or a cross-departmental organizational decision, spurring stakeholders to consider important questions for high value, high risk decisions.

By teaching best practices that are proven to be be effective for team decision making, Craig believes teams and organizations can consistently make far better choices - and markedly improve their execution success rates - which is where many decisions break down.

Because of this, greater harmony between stakeholders of divergent backgrounds and competing interests will also result, helping to reduce political deadlocks. This is especially important because when people feel the decision went through a fair process, they are more willing to cooperate in making the decision a success, even when it wasn’t their first choice of action.

Craig has designed self-help expert systems to help with decision making in a wide range of industries, from health care, finance and IT with companies like Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, Wells Fargo, Bank of Alameda, Investors Group, Cisco and Hewlett-Packard.

A smart decision process built on proven fundamentals also results in higher morale - which is critical not just for the execution of the decision - but for retention of a passionate and experienced succession talent pipeline.

Better Deciding is excited to work with forward-thinking organizations that share the passion for finding better ways to make critical decisions and support the skills development of their next generation of executives.

Craig has led several educational seminars and workshops in the Seattle area on topics of decision making, compliance, diversity and inclusion at locations such as WA State Bar, Chambers of Commerce and Accelerate Kitsap.